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Thursday, October 21

8:00am EDT

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11 - Let's Talk (plain) Language and Accessibility: Universal Design for Communication, Plain Language Basics, and Tools to Create Accessible Documents MR205LIMITEDAmy Shapley 157 - FERPA 201 'So You Think You Know FERPA?!' Ballroom BLIMITEDLevette Williams 100 - ETV Educational Resources 101 MR107LIMITEDBrian Day 116 - Interactive Engagement: Utilizing interactives, games, and other multimedia to engage students. MR108FULLFurman Fortner 38 - Using Design Thinking To Create Authentic Learning Experiences in MakerSpaces MR102/103FULLBrian Whitson 52 - Need a Bitmo Joy, Fun, and Creativity in Your Teaching? MR206LIMITEDKendra Thacker 71 - From Consuming to Creating: Podcasting in the Classroom MR202FULLAshley Pursley 8 - SmackDown Let's Bring Lessons To Life with Technology MR203FULLAshley Priem 171 - Tackling Technology in Today's Time: A Roundtable Discussion MR106LIMITEDMike Harris 65 - Cybersecurity: Current trends in cyber-crime and how to reduce your risk Ballroom ALIMITEDSean Fay VSS26 - Supporting Learning Environments with Instructional Audio in the Post-COVID Classroom MR208LIMITEDSteve Bishop 84 - Building a Software Approval Process to Meet The Instructional and Technical Needs Of Your District MR101FILLINGJosh Shepard 120 - State Reporting to PowerSchool Ballroom CFILLINGJosh Findlay 69 - Increasing Student Engagement in a Virtual World MR204LIMITEDRenee Atkinson VSS14 - Improve School Safety with Cloud Video Security MR207LIMITEDBen Coulombe VSS18 - Bust Through the Engagement Gap! MR209FILLINGMeaghan Greene

11:30am EDT

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160 - Disclosure Avoidance Best Practices Ballroom BLIMITEDRoss Lemke 20 - AT and Math: Assistive Technology to Support Math Instruction for Better Outcomes MR202LIMITEDElizabeth Moore 86 - Hot Topics In Tech | Leadership Panel MR102/103FULLJosh Shepard 131 - Making the CASE: Digitizing Academic Standards for Student Success Ballroom ALIMITEDDan Ralyea 136 - 101up: Implementation of a Gamified Curriculum to Increase Self-Regulated Learning and Motivation: An Action Research Study using EdApp MR104/105LIMITEDCandace Bruder 137 - No Matter Near or Far Nearpod Delivers MR204LIMITEDDyneen Kenley 58 - To Use and To Create: Where Digital Literacy and Computer Science Meet MR107LIMITEDJacqueline Weber 66 - Tweet, Post, Characters, #, Alliteration, Screen Time, Plot: Blending Digital Literacy into Interactive Read-Alouds Ballroom CLIMITEDWanda Greenfield 81 - SketchUp and the EDP MR101LIMITEDMegan Rodriguez 94 - Inquiry-based Learning and Technology: Question, Design, and Create using Technology MR205FULLKem Owens VSS24 - Emerging K-20 Cybersecurity Trends Post-2020 MR208LIMITEDFadi Fadhil VSS23 - Future-proofing digital infrastructure: Solving the emerging challenges in K-12 IT support MR207LIMITEDJackson Whitley VSS27 - Wi-Fi 6e: The next wave of wireless innovation and speed MR209FILLINGRocky Nill 123 - How to engage students in Mathematics through the computer screen in 5 easy steps MR108LIMITEDKristy McIntyre 135 - Busting Bad: More Engaging Video Conferencing MR203LIMITEDBeth Goff 178 - Classroom Communication Hack: Autocrat MR206LIMITEDShannon Borum

8:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

126 - What do you know about the South Carolina Center for Assistive Technology and Educational Research (SC-CATER)? Ballroom CLIMITEDRobert Dawson 101 - Work Smarter, Not Harder: Making Your District Data Work for You MR102/103FULLZach Sheppard 33 - Flipping your classroom with simple Studio solutions in Canvas LMS with team built automated presentations MR106LIMITEDNicholas Eaton 83 - How to Access and Use a FREE Career Development System for Your School/Students MR102/103LIMITEDGail Darley 179 - More than presentations: 3 powerful features of Google Slides Ballroom BLIMITEDShannon Borum 62 - Go Rogue: Creating Chaos to Re-energize Your Classroom! Ballroom AFILLINGRachelle Dené Poth 91 - Maximizing the Potential of Technology Initiatives – The Solution You've Been Looking For MR101LIMITEDNick LaFave WORKSHOP 163 - Ride the Waves to Accessible Documents MR204LIMITEDLydia Hutto WORKSHOP 162 - Interactive Google Slide - Tell A Story & Guide Your Learners MR203LIMITEDHaleigh Kirkland WORKSHOP 164 - Introduction to Open Education MR207LIMITEDHengtao Tang WORKSHOP 165 - Connecting with Code: It's Not Just for STEM Class MR206LIMITEDMary O'Grady-Jones WORKSHOP 169 - Is That a Robot Which I See Before Me? Reinforcing Shakespeare with Robots! MR209LIMITEDSusan Porter-Voss WORKSHOP 185 - BeeBot Ideas & Activities for Young Learners MR107LIMITEDJacquelyne Chalmers WORKSHOP 186 - Hands On Integration Ideas for the MicroBit MR202LIMITEDBambi Ciraco WORKSHOP 187 - Project-Based Learning in a Technology Filled World MR108LIMITEDDiane Lawson WORKSHOP 166 - How to Teach Online Without Losing Your Students (Or Your Mind) MR205LIMITEDMarshall Jones WORKSHOP 167 - Coding With Micro:Bits MR208LIMITEDLorien Cafarella 183 - South Carolina Department of Education – State Agency Day Ballroom DLIMITEDDan Ralyea

10:15am EDT